The Genesis Product Family

The Genesis platform is highly scalable and can meet the needs of any organisation that requires regular processing of Hard Drives and SSD. It guarantees the complete erasure of devices to modern standards and utilises advanced techniques to provide the highest possible yields exclusive to Genesis.


Advanced repair and refurbishment techniques ensure Genesis delivers the highest yield of quality products fit for re-use.

Increase Health & Wealth

Using techniques used at the manufacturing point, Genesis delivers a superior Grade A product ensuring the highest revenues for re-marketing.

Data Erasure

Devices successfully processed by Genesis ensure the highest degree of data security in-line with the latest international certification standards, including NIST 800-88 with ADISA Product Assurance.

Flexible Configurations

Our solution offers a fully integrated system that combines both hardware and software, designed for versatility and scalability. We provide a range of port options including 8, 16, 32, 64, and 96, catering to various organisational sizes and needs. Our cloud-based management web portal supports multi-location deployments, making it effortless to manage systems from anywhere. Additionally, our products are designed for ease of use, offering plug-and-play functionality straight out of the box, simplifying the setup process and reducing deployment times.

Widest Range of Products

We support an extensive array of devices, ensuring compatibility across numerous hardware vendors. Our functions include repair, data erasure, and testing and grading of devices. We cater to a variety of storage types, including HDDs & SSDs, as well as SAS & SATA interfaces. Our systems are compatible with multiple device sizes—2.5”, 3.5”, and 1.8” with the use of an adaptor. We employ the Guardian Score for accurate grading, which delivers industry-leading yields post-repair, enhancing the reliability and longevity of your devices.

Online Management Portal

Our online management portal provides comprehensive control over multiple systems, streamlining the management process. Users can set specific pass/fail criteria based on device grading, manage test scripts efficiently, and create bespoke reports and certificates. This portal allows for the centralised management of tasks and resources, ensuring consistency and quality control across operations.

Genesis 8 & 16-Port

The Genesis 8 & 16-Port units are configured in a all-in-one easy to deploy flight case, The system can be use for organisations processing low to medium volumes, still with access to the full suite of functionality found in the larger systems.

Genesis 8 & 16-Port
Genesis 32, 64 & 96-Port Systems

Genesis 32, 64 & 96-Port Systems

The larger units in the Genesis family deliver complete flexibility, allowing customers to upgrade their systems as their business needs grow.

The 96-Port system can process huge volumes of drives every month. Configured in a convenient flight case, the unit can be easily wheeled into place and simply requires power and internet connectivity to be up and running in seconds.