Nemesis - Network Equipment Test, Repair & Erasure Solutions

Built on the success of Genesis, the industry’s leading solution for the erasure, test & repair of Hard Drives & SSD, Nemesis now delivers the same unparalleled capabilities for Networking Products.

Developed on the tried & tested Ultratest cloud platform, Nemesis provides a level of automation never seen before in the remarketing & redeployment of Networking devices, such as; Routers, Switches, Firewalls & Access-Points from many of the industries leading manufacturers.

By using advanced overwrite techniques, Nemesis sets new standards in device erasure, a level far above the basic standard clear/format/factory-reset procedures.

Nemesis - Network Equipment Test, Repair & Erasure Solutions

Automate, increase efficiency & reduce cost

Higher quality, productivity and yields

Nemesis is designed to dramatically increase efficiency by automating what is typically very much a manual operation, with the added bonus of removing the human dependency where errors can be made. The streamlined process also has the ability to recover products due to corrupt or missing OS, enabling higher yields and ultimately less waste & additional revenues when remarketing.

Simple to operate interface

Once the device is connected, a simple ‘push-to-start’ on the touchscreen runs the automated scripted process. Nemesis will recognise the device and start the advanced routine to overwrite any previous configurations, passwords & IP Addresses, taking care to retain licences and operating systems.

Highly Compatible

Nemesis will work with a wide range of Networking Products and the supported list is extending on an ongoing basis. As new products become compatible, an update button is clearly visible on the touchscreen and is quickly updated direct from the cloud.


  • Fully automated process
  • Unique advanced overwrite for data erasure
  • Audit trail of all assets processed
  • Wide range of Networking Products supported;
    • Routers
    • Switches
    • Firewalls
    • Access Points
  • Retain licences on device
  • Fix corrupted OS
  • OS Updates (for Approved Vendor Partners)
  • Downloadable full test logs via online portal
  • Software updates via the cloud
  • ADISA Certified (via Product Claims Test)
Supported Devices List