Nemesis Device Support

CiscoRoutersC860 SeriesAll Models
C870 SeriesAll Models
C880 SeriesAll Models
C890 SeriesAll Models
ISR 1100 SeriesAll Models
ISR4300 SeriesAll Models
ISR4400 SeriesAll Models
1900 SeriesAll Models
2900 SeriesAll Models
1800 SeriesAll Models
2800 SeriesAll Models
Switches2960 SeriesAll Models
2950 SeriesAll Models
3560 SeriesAll Models
3650 SeriesAll Models
3750 SeriesAll Models
3850 SeriesAll Models
9300 SeriesAll Models
4900 SeriesAll Models
Nexus 3KAll Models
Nexus 5KAll Models
Nexus 9KMost Models
ASAASA5505 SeriesAll Models
ASA5506All ModelsSSD Erased in-situe
ASA5512All ModelsSSD Erased in-situe
ASA5515All ModelsSSD Erased in-situe
ASA5525All ModelsSSD Erased in-situe
ASA5555All ModelsRequires SSD drives to be removed.
Air-CapAIR-CAP1500All Models
AIR-CAP2700All Models
AIR-CAP3700All Models
AIR-CAP2800All Models
AIR-CAP3800All Models
DellSwitchesS5048F OS9All Models
S55 – OS8All Models
S60 – OS8All Models
HPSwitchesFlexFabric 5700All Models
Aruba / HPSwitches2930FAll Models
JuniperRoutersSRX110All Models
SRX210All Models
SRX220All Models
SRX240All Models
SRX300All Models
SRX320All Models
SRX340All Models
SRX345All Models
SRX550All Models
SRX650All Models
SwitchesEX2200All Models
EX2300All Models
EX3200All Models
EX3300All Models
EX3400All Models
EX4200All Models
EX4300All Models

Technical Notes...

Nemesis is designed to only function with products covered on the supported device list. However, we are regularly adding new vendors and models to the list, so check back here periodically or contact your Ultratest representative for further details & developments.

Our goal has been to support most models from the most popular manufacturers.  This philosophy will continue as our engineering team develops device support for more products and vendors.

Contact us for technical updates