Guardian Health Check

Industry leading benchmarking and reporting of HDD & SSD health in real-time.

Genesis Guardian

Guardian is an integral software benchmarking tool built into Genesis to enable users to check drives’ health in real-time quickly. The score is presented as a simple percentage of health.

This also provides confidence when buying and selling drives, knowing the health of a drive in an easy-to-understand method. The score can be seen on the Aurora GUI or reported via the Ultratest Portal.

Genesis Guardian

Take the next step to healthy drives

Benchmark ‘pre & post’ repair, increasing drive longevity & reliability

Fully streamlined solution

Guardian is configured as a standalone solution across all Genesis models without third-party software. During the repair process, the Guardian health score is automatically displayed on the Aurora GUI on the Genesis display in both the drive cell and the status panel on the right of the screen. Complete report generation and device-level analysis are available via the Ultratest Online Portal.

The Guardian algorithm

Guardian uses several complex algorithms across many critical attributes within the device to accurately calculate the health of a drive. By providing a ‘before & after’ score, customers can precisely measure the improvement & reliability of products produced by their Genesis.

Maximising the value of drives

Genesis’s sophisticated & industry-leading repair techniques have the unique ability to regenerate & fix drives. Guardian benchmarks the level of health, both before and post-repair. Enabling customers to maximise the financial return on the resale of products.