Take your Genesis to the next level

The fully integrated Genesis solution provides industry-leading technology and capabilities, such as complete software-based repair & refurbishment, to provide the highest possible yield. Now with GenesisXP, you can expand your Genesis infrastructure to attach your Disk Enclosures for HDD/SSD Test, Erasure & Grading.

Drives that either fail GenesisXP or pass as Grade B or C may be recoverable to Grade A status through Genesis repair; a notification will be displayed for drives that may be suitable.

Take your Genesis to the next level
GenesisXP Server

GenesisXP Server

All Genesis Systems (8, 16, 32, 64 & 96-Port) are compatible with GenesisXP. The XP solution is connected through a dedicated Server with four SAS/SATA (SAS 3G/6G/12G) outputs to connect to your chosen Disk Enclosures. The Server can be installed neatly in your Genesis system or externally in your Disk Enclosure cabinet. GenesisXP is compatible with all the leading enclosure vendors, except IBM StorWize.

GenesisXP Key Benefits…

• NIST 800-88 Erasure of HDD & SSD devices
• Configurable Drive Grading – Guardian Health Score
• TCG Encryption unlock via PSID/MSID
• Full reporting and certificates of Data Erasure
• Use your existing hardware to expand your Genesis
• API & XML ERP integration

GenesisXP Key Benefits…
Integrated Solution & GUI

Integrated Solution & GUI

GenesisXP integrates into the Genesis GUI/Touch-Screen, so there is no need for any additional displays. You can toggle through the enclosures to view individual drives on test. Drives tested/erased on GenesisXP is managed via the Ultratest web portal.

Licencing options

Regardless of the size of your Genesis, with GenesisXP you can licence additional Disk Enclosure by the number of concurrently active ports; 32, 64, 96 or 120+. You are able to attach more than the licensed number of ports, but only the licenced amount will function concurrently. We permit in excess of 120 drives to run, however you may see a degradation in performance, so we would advise running additional GenesisXP servers to retain the highest possible speed.

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GenesisXP Supported Disk Enclosures

Most SAS based Disk Enclosures will work fine with GenesisXP. Below is a list of the products we have tested in our lab and can confirm compatibility. Note: We can also confirm that HDS Vantara and IBM Storwize are not compatible and we would advise against use.

SuperMicroSAS 3G/6G/12G backplanes with LSI expander chipsets are supported.Covers Most models
EMCSAS 6G/12G 2.5"/3.5"(KTN-STL3, VNX SAE/DAE, ...)
LSI/NETAPPDE1600 (12-bay 6G)
DE5600 (24-bay 6G)
DE6600 (60-bay 6G)
IBMIBM DCS3700 (60-bay 6G)
IBM-ESXS EXP3512 (12-bay 6G)
IBM-ESXS EXP3524 (24-bay 6G)
StorageWorks P2000
3PAR StorServ 8000
DELLCompellent SC200 (6G)
MD12x0 (6G)
XYRATEXHB-1235-E12EBD (3.5" 12-bay 12G)
EB-3425-E12EBD (2.5" 24-bay 12G)
NEWISYS/RAIDINCEBOD (2.5" 24-bay 12G and 3.5" 84-bay 12G)
NETAPPDS4243 (3.5" 24-bay 3G)
DS4246 (3.5" 24-bay 6G)