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How a processor brought drive wiping and repair to…

Read the latest article on Genesis, from E-Scrap News’s Jarod Paben

Amid growing data security concerns, U.K.-based Ultratec has seen greater reluctance among its customers to ship unwiped drives to Ultratec’s plants for data sanitization. Bringing drive processing capabilities to customers’ sites alleviates those concerns.

Ultratec, a group of U.K. companies specializing in wiping, repairing and testing HDDs and SDDs, launched a product called Genesis this year. A hardware and software platform, Genesis erases, tests and repairs drives.

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Re-use Hard Drives

Millions of Hard Drives are shredded and scrapped each year. Many of these devices are fully functioning units that can be re-used once safely erased, repaired and tested. Genesis uses a selection of industry standard erasure techniques to remove any user data. The system then runs a suite of scripts to reset and reconfigure the drive. Once complete and passed, drives can be resold and reused. Promote the Circular Economy


Genesis – Data Security

Not only does Genesis enable customers to Repair & Test hard drives in their own facilities, but also ensure that important and sensitive data doesn’t get into the wrong hands. With current legislation, such as GDPR, no business can afford to take the risk.